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FACTS: Every year, over 3.2 million acres are developed in the United States an area roughly the size of Delaware. Since 1950, more than 90% of metropolitan-area growth has been in the suburbs.

MAKING SENSE OF PLACE reveals issues about how we live and how we grow.

This two-part series portrays the dilemmas faced by the cities of Phoenix and Cleveland. Their struggles with sprawl, population loss, and troubled schools mirror the very same problems faced by many cities across the country. The first film is Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City, the second is Phoenix: The Urban Desert.

With a topic that will impact us all, PoGo wanted to help the films find a wide audience. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. PoGo is conducting a national station relations campaign Fall 2007.

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Our roots in public television extend far and deep. From massive launch parties to grassroots campaigns, we've done it all. Here are just a few of the many successful shows we launched:

Back To The Floor
Children's Hospital
Foreign Exchange With Fareed Zakaria
History Detectives
Life 360
Raising Cain
The New Heroes
Windsor Castle: A Royal Year