Promotion Campaigns

Specifically PR, Station Relations, Outreach. The bulk of our experience is borne of public television promotional campaigns where we successfully created and managed a multitude of national Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and American Public Television (APT) projects. If you are a producer, new to public TV or are a veteran, talk to us. Most of the time we can answer all the big question marks on your list. If you are a station in need of a solid contract team, we've been where you are and understand how things go. Nice to have folks around who "get it."

Project Management

Got many moving parts and need someone to get everyone and everything in line? And do it succinctly, elegantly, diplomatically? We're your women.

Strategy & Branding

How to find the essence of your project with the right tonality & look? We peel away the layers and find just the right word, image, look, feel of what represents you perfectly.

Event Planning

Throwing a big reception, lunch, cocktail gathering for 1300 of your closest colleagues? We do this. Have done this. And gotten rave reviews.


The foundation of every worthy promotion campaign or plainly, all of life. PoGo can go from press release to thick packets of research materials to copywriting. This closet scriptwriter and poet bring their best assets to the workplace and take it home for every project we sink our writerly teeth into.

Customized Marketing Materials

PoGo is known for its clever-meets-pragmatic ideas. DVD mailers, custom-designed press packets, the works. We know the smart way to impress your product in the mind and life of your audience.