Our work style is with pragmatic sensibility & business savvy in terms of efficiency and intellect. In terms of mission, we work with a heart of compassion and understanding when it comes to doing the right thing. To boot, we bring an entrepreneurial can-do spirit as well as a grounded sense of practicality and experience.

If you ever wanted a person to whip any campaign into serious shape, Nimmi is the one. Her impeccable eye for detail, organization, design, style, diplomacy, semantics make projects solidly successful, professional and fun. She is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Broadcast and Film. Before starting PoGo in 2006, Nimmi was the National Promotion Senior Manager at Oregon Public Broadcasting for six years.

Email: nimmi@pogopromotions.com
Selena has been in public television promotion for a long time. Been a writer even longer. And before that she taught English in Prague, worked on a congressional campaign, dabbled in accounting. When it comes to projects, she's a bit of a Harry Potter-like wizard with visioning, branding & all around strategizing. Her B.A. is from UNC-Greensboro where she graduated Cum Laude in English Literature and had the great privilege of studying with poet Fred Chappell & professor Dr. William Tucker. These men cemented in her mind that writing matters. And so do manners. She was the Director of National Promotions for Oregon Public Broadcasting for eight years before beginning PoGo in the fall of 2006.

Email: selena@pogopromotions.com